I need help with bule screen of death

hi i have a computer problem some times i get the bsod on my computer. the computer will work for about a hour some times longer.and i get the bule screen of death. i have to hit reset on the computer and restart the computer. the computer restarts and works ok .some times the computer will run longer a few hours after that the bsod comes up. this is the specs .motherbord.m4agtd pro usb#3. i just upgraded the cpu amd phenom 2x6 1100 t black editon. the cpu cooler hyper 101cooler master. and upgraded video card amd 6670. power supply antec 80 plus 500 watt.sound card asus xonar dx the cpu runs at 43c.the video card 32c .the hard drive is hitachi sata 320 gb . the computer worked fine before the upgrades. thank you for your time. i think the video card or cpu is bad . i will appreclate any help
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  1. Most mobo's require a bios flash before you upgrade the cpu.
    Flash the bios for your mobo with the latest version from your mobo makers website.
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