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Sabretooth 990fx

Hello i just got the asus sabretooth 990fx i hooked it up with my radeon 6850 and amd fx8120 but for some reason the computer resets just before starting windows just before that i get the cpu ledand then it restarts.
it lets me the windows repair and everything but when i try to start windows normally it wont let me.
first i thought it was the power supply cuz the other one i had was only 600w but i hooked the other one that ist 850w and still the same problem i dont know what else to do
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  1. It sounds like a faulty motherboard. But let's back up a bit. Are you trying to boot to Windows with the same Win installation you had with a previous motherboard? If so, that's your problem.
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    No actually hes having the same issue i had... Re-installing windows... Your gonna have to re-install windows when there is a Major hardware change such as a new hard drive or a new motherboard...

    Changing the CPU, Memory or minor hardware will not most likely trigger this issue. Re-install windows and the problem should be solved.. If you can even make it into windows your copy will become "Non- genuine"... So just go and put the windows CD in and tell it you want to re-install windows... I have repaired and repaired and it still wouldn't let me in until i installed windows
  3. ohh ok ill try that thanks
  4. re-installing windows right now and is half way done hope it works thanks for all the help so far guys i can not thank u enough

    well it worked thanks to both of u guys
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