Which Graphics Card for my New 2500k build?

Hey everyone,

New egg has a great deal on an XFX RADEON 6950 for $204.99 (after MIR)

I was going to buy this, but all the reviews on this particular card say that its a p.o.s. (very confusing)

I only want to buy XFX b/c they have a lifetime warranty...


Which card would be a great alternative? My main goal is to play (on high quality 1920x1080) battlefield 2 badcompany, Black ops, and battlefield 3 when it comes out (already preordered).

I definitely cannot afford $300 on a video card; I want to only spend ~$200.

Please let me know what your suggestions are!



I have a new i5-2500k on an Asus p8p67, 620 antec neo eco psu, corsair h50 cpu cooler, vengeance ram 4gigs, f3 samsung hdd 1tb, asus dvdrw, haf912 case, samsung 27'' syncmaster p2770HD monitor 1ms.
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  1. Why not wait for AMD's new Bulldozer platform to come out?

    Also, you have $2500 to spend on a computer and you're spending LESS than $500 on graphics cards? Mate, you have your priorities all messed up.

    The Samsung monitor is also 5ms. The model p2770FH is the 1ms response time.

    Your powersupply is also a bit..odd.

    I'm not too familiar with Vengeance for memory, I'd go with a more reputable brand.

    You should be using an SSD with your hard drive.

    Could upgrade from a HAF-912 to a HAF-X or 932.

    If you have Steam by chance you can add me (penumbra789) and I can help you get a good build a bit quicker than over forums.
  2. hmm..

    I didn't spend anywhere close to $2500 on my entire setup

    the samsung monitor was from costco and on the box advertised as 1ms

    The ANTEC 620Watt Power supply was suggested by all on toms hardware, hardware canuks, and anandtech forums (especially because it was $60)

    my memory is CORSAIR vengeance 4gb (again newegg onetime mir $36.00)

    My hard drive works fine at these speeds for the price, again, newegg $54.00 for 1tb. and suggested on all forums.

    Anyways, I am borrowing a gtx 560ti right now but I wanted to buy the 6950.

    I would have already ordered it but all the reviews were bad about the card, so i'm again looking to the forums for advice on which card is the best for ~$200

    The performance that i'm looking for high quality 1920x1080 on this screen shouldnt be very difficult to match for that price range.

    Thanks for your input though.

  3. Oh, so you'd already got the items. I thought you were still deciding on what to get.

    For about $230 there exists several models of the HD6950, and that would be a good idea for high-quality 1920x1080 gaming. My HD6850 runs BC:2 mostly all high with a good 55-60FPS, so you should be just fine. These cards also run great in Crossfire, should you need to upgrade for any games that up the ante for graphical requirements.
  4. Yeah I guess that's true, I was hoping to find some information about which would be the best. I was wondering if some people knew good deals, things like that.

    I'm almost wondering if I should just buy something like the 6850 or 6870, or if the extra money is actually noticeable.

    The 560ti is great, but it retails at best buy for $360.00 HA!
  5. The 560 is around the same price because of the shipping on the 6950s. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127565

    I wouldn't get the xfx with those reviews. Here's the next lowest priced 6950. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102921
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