During bios update PC unplugged & do not boot

I forgot cleann cmos & install a newer version of amibios instead of v 1.4 01/12/2004 on a MV43V ver7.3 . Unfortunatly suddenly the electrisity current cutted .
I stsrt PC around 15 min later. fans ,leds & the other devices work but system cannot boot!
Icheck POST system by (for example unplugging keyboard) . It works !
please tell me is there a way for startup the PC .
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  1. If you have a power cut during BIOS update you will end up with bricked motherboard.
  2. depends how far the bios got before the power went out. some older mb have a bios recovery in them if they still have some code on them. some will do it if a usb or cd with the flash rom is in the drive...you see at post the cd-rom or floppy light come on..
    if not sometime there a keystoke to force a reflash.
    if not you have to contact the mb vendor to see if they can send you a replacement bios chip.
  3. If you can boot to DOS bootable CD then re-flash BIOS. Otherwise you will have to flash using motherboard's SPI connector. Search Youtube for SPIPGM2.exe and Google SPIPGM
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