What are the best computer specs for my needs?

What specs would I need to look for if I need a desktop computer that im going to be using for 3D Programming and Adobe programs. Also, if you could, please link to a good computer. Must be a desktop computer, and try to make it around $400.

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  1. Does this mean youre not gonna be building one yourself? If you are... http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261222-31-build-advice
  2. I don't want to build on myself unless its my last resort.
  3. Building your own one would be better. This way, you'll get what you need for the money.
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  5. Well since it seems that building one would be better, what should I look for when buying? Such as brands and size etc...
  6. Building is easily your best option, although if you really want prebuilt, the only company i have ever see sell acustom comp in that range is walmart best buy, and Custompcandrepairs.com. Worth checking sites like digital storm and cyberpower too.
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