Speech Sounds Are Hoarse(low) with Creative X-Fi Titanium + Z5500

I have Creative X-fi titanium soundcard with logitech Z5500 5.1 sound system.

All of my sound settings are true (checked a lot) , selected 5.1 in creative console settings. And all of my cables are connected correctly(I'm sure).z5500 decoder settings are also correct.

In movies(with 5.1 dolby digital or DTS or prologic doesnot matter) and all of the pc games i can hear all of sound effects and bass effects correctly but speech sounds are hoarse(low). To understand speechs ı must increase the volume.When i increase the volume i can understand speechs but now other sound effects are annoyingly high.

What can i do ?
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  1. Edit: Same problem if i listen with a headset
  2. Stupid question but you never know.
    You have disabled onboard in bios right?
  3. ^^ Shouldn't matter.

    Anyway, are you connected via analog or digital?
  4. Z5500 connected to soundcard via optic cable, and onboard not disabled , i will try it
  5. Connect via analog; no real reason to use a soundcard for its digital output...And I suspect the Z5500's poor internal digital to analog converter could be part of the problem...
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