Upgrade graphics card HP dv7t quad Laptop?

i have a dv7t quad edition with i7 processor 6 gb ram 1600 x 900 screen 1 tb hard drive
the graphics are radeon 6490 can i upgrade it??
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  1. You'll have to check with HP to make sure, but more than likely, the answer will be no. In general, laptop graphics are not update-able.

    -Wolf sends
  2. when i bought this laptop i had 2 options for a graphics card

    6490 or 6770 i unfortunately chose 6490

    so is it upgradable manually to 6770
  3. Again, you'll need to check with HP. Other than HP, I wouldn't know where to purchase a mobile HD6770 let alone whether you can install it yourself.

    -Wolf sends
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