Computer Shuts Down w/o Error Message When Playing Games

First off, I fully understand that this is a common problem and it had been solved a number of times and i have done some research but nonetheless i feel i should ask about my specific computer just to be safe.

So the problem itself is that when i start playing a video game (anything from portal to star craft II to civ 4) in anywhere from two minutes to twenty minutes, the computer automatically, without any warning messages or dialog boxes or blue screens or anything at all, just shuts off.

Here's my computer:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz overclocked to 4.1 GHz
8 GB DDR3 RAM @1333MHz
2 x AMD Radeon HD 6870 with CrossfireX
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Now this computer is a brand new Alienware aurora (arrived a few days ago) with liquid cooling and fans for the GPU and all that so i figured that overheating wasn't the issue so i downloaded core temp for my computer and indeed, even while running the video game, the computer never exceeded 45 degrees Celsius or so i'm assuming that's not the problem.

Beyond that, i have an 875 W psu so i don't think that's the problem. And it's brand new so dirty/dusty fans and heatsinks also probably aren't the problem.

could it potentially be a faulty graphics driver?

also, i don't know if this will help at all but while i was playing starcraft 2, the cutscene that was playing was slightly laggy. is this any indication of what the problem might be?

any and ALL help is immensely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Mr. Punny
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  1. I am having the exactly same problem with my ati radeon 5770! In fact, I posted a thread about my issue just now...

    The only difference I see between my problem and yours is that the core temp of my GPU jumps rapidly...from 45 degrees idle to 70-80 degrees in a matter of minutes. I think (only think) that when it hits 81 + crashes and then reboots with no error sign other than (windows did not shut down correctly..)

    this has been happening to me just recently...havent had a problem before this week.
  2. well then yours is probably a heat problem. check if your PCI fans are running and if they're clean. If they're not get a can of Dust Off which is just canned compressed difluoroethane gas, and clean it out. you might have to clean your heatsinks too and if all else fails, get a new fan.

    oh and try running a game with the chassis open for better ventilation, see if that works.
  3. Yeah I thought so. I dont know if it's my shitty PSU (600W coolermaster) which has a horrible efficiency rating....or something wrong with my GPU. I'll give it another go with dusting and see what happens.

    GL to you
  4. does anyone else have any thoughts?
  5. I hope so, I am having a similar problem that is confusing all the local stores and techies. IMy system ran great until it started digitalizing (little squares) and giving color lines when playing games. It got worse so I upgraded my video card to a geforce GTX 560Ti. All the problems seemed solved yet when I downloaded the games that were free with the card (and on my old downloads) after sveral minutes of game play (on most after the opening video) the computer shuts doen, 6 beeps and blue screen. Any feedback,idea's.???? I'm all ear's. I'd hate to have to beat my computer to death with a hammer but it's getting close.
  6. mrpunny said:
    does anyone else have any thoughts?

    did you ever figure your problem out.
    I have a very similar one.
  7. Just a thought so dont grill me for it lol, could it be a bad OC? I had similar issues with mine running Crysis 2 and Metro 2033 and finally someone helpful advised me on what to do and touch wood all has been running well.
  8. blakmumba said:
    Just a thought so dont grill me for it lol, could it be a bad OC? I had similar issues with mine running Crysis 2 and Metro 2033 and finally someone helpful advised me on what to do and touch wood all has been running well.

    Pardon my ignorance but what is an OC?
  9. Overclock
  10. I see. Did you just lower it?
  11. No, i increased the CPU/NB voltage. Im running phenom 965 @ 4.0ghz. Before you increase any voltage, if your cpu is overclocked, go into your bios and save your overclock profile first, then choose default settings and try the game. If everything goes well then you know that the overclock is the culprit. If not then just load yr saved overclock profile.
  12. Since I have a new graphics card and a new power supply (2 days old) do you think this may still be worthwhile? I'm so friggin confused.
  13. What graphics card and power supply are you using?
  14. GeForce GTX 560Ti 1024MB GDDR5 and I'm not sure of the make of the PS but it is 500 watt
  15. It really depends what brand of PSU you have and the rest of your computer setup, any overclocks etc as on the nvidia site it states 'Graphics Card Power - 170W' and 'Minimum Recommended Power - 500W' -

    Use the site below to check what power supply is recommended as this will eliminate any guess work.
  16. Thanks very much for the info, sad to say that's way over my head tech wise. I'm thinking/hoping that a factory (low) overclocked card (new) and a new power supply installed at a store should be compatible and, dare I say, work. It's funny I can start any game and play all the opening videos but as soon as the actual gameplay is about to start boom. shut down. blue screen . no error message. oh well I'll keep seeking info. Thanks again.
  17. found the issue to the problem a while ago. faulty driver. try updating the drover and you guys should be all good.
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