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I am buying new mobo,gpu and cpu and ram so i want to be sure that it will be good for todays and future games,that it will have good perfomance.What mobo is better for GTX560(not Ti) ,4gb 1600Mhz,i3 2120 3,3Ghz.

Asus P8Z68-V LX

ASRock Z77 Pro4-M
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  1. ASRock Z77 Pro4

    Asus P8Z68-V LX & ASRock Z77 Pro4 both are good enough for your components. Get whichever you find cheaper.
  2. Gigabyte z77x d3h just as good for alot cheaper ive got same spec's as you!

    but i5 3570k
    8gb ram
    and a gtx 570

    good mobo can OC to if you want, "gigabyte z77x d3h all you need" and the support is 2nd to none!
  3. i found z77 pro4 for 110dollars so i'll buy it,but i've question about newegg,amazon and similar sites.stuff that you buy from them,it will be sent by mail or delivering company,how long it takes to get to me,can i pay when stuff is deliverd to me,can i trust them?
  4. if you can find a z77 pro-4 for 110 dollars pritty good! i doubt it will come with postman if thats what your asking should be recorded delivery! if you pick the the free delivery option 3 -5 days! and no you cant pay when they come. but newegg. amazon are trusted websites, you will get the parts! and they're support is good to.
  5. i am just worried about the damage.i don't wanna get something what's damaged because of the bad shipping.does amazon sends stuff only in country that it have his stores.i mean only sends in usa,so is only for uk?

    ----never mind ,i just found it.they have international delivery
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