EVGA GTX 850 1-5 sec freezing

I'm experiencing freezing every 20 seconds or so. The pauses last anywhere from 1 to 5 sec long.

Playing Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source

Please let me know what information I need to provide to help access my problem. Thanks!

With EVGA Precision I'm showing the max temp to be at 69*C
I'm Idling at 60*C These temps seems fairly high to me. Honestly I have no idea what the issue is. Here are my thoughts.
My EVGA is Hot and needs to be RMA.
My power supply is not enough.

My card is not OC'ed
Core clock 772
Shader clock 1544
Memory clock 2004

Here is my system specs:
Corsair H60
ASUS P8P67 Pro
EVGA GeForce GTX 580
16GB (4x4GB) G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1866
Corsair 850HX 80 Plus Silver Power Supply
Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB SATA III
1TB Samsung F3 7.2k rpm
WD 500G 10k rpm
HAF 932 Advanced Case
LG Blu-ray Burner

ASUS VE278Q Black 27"
dual screen with my older
Dell 22'' E228WFP
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  1. Could be a defective GPU.
    Make sure you have the latest drivers installed.
    Is it possible for you to test the card in another system ?
  2. Going to uninstall my drivers now.
    Do you suggest I just go to Device Manager and uninstall the drivers that way?

    And yes, I believe I could try it in my older system.
  3. Since you're experiencing problems,do a clean install of the GPU drivers,here's how
    1)Download and install driver sweeper(From guru3d.com)
    2)Uninstall the current drivers and reboot(to safe mode)
    3)In safe mode,open driver sweeper>click on Nvidia>Clean and reboot normally to windows
    4)Download and install the latest GPU driver
  4. Going to do that now. Thanks
  5. Attention - Guru3D Driver Sweeper has been discontinued as such you will not find any download links here any longer.

    I found a d/l for a 2.9 version on a different website. Will this work?

  6. Still idling at 58C

    Also im having the double post issue with my asus p8p67 mobo.

    I dont think this has anything to do with my card running hot though.
  7. It's strange they discounted it,it was a great software(And yes the link you posted is correct)
    Did you test your card in your older system ?
  8. Not yet. When I was uninstalling the drivers about 25% in the comp went into sleep mode and I had to restart.

    I can test it in my older system but uninstalling the drivers will be a pain /sadface

    What method do you suggest?
  9. Idle temps with duel monitors is a lot higher than with a single monitor. The reason is that the card cannot use normal idle clocks without causing one of the screens to flicker. As a result, the card will usually use full memory clocks and maybe half GPU clocks, rather than dropping to extremely low settings.

    The idle temps are normal for your situation. The freezing may not be a video card issue at all, do you have a spare video card you can test? See if your system is freezing with another card, it may be something else entirely.
  10. I recommended testing the GPU in another system in order to be sure it's not defective.It's worth the shot IMO especially since you have another system to test it
  11. Ok here is my cards idle with just my 27'' Asus.
    sitting at around 37-39C

    So it has gone down nearly 20C in Idle.
    that right there shows promise already.

    Played TF2 for about 2 minutes and froze at about 5 seconds in and then it continued to freeze every 20 seconds.

    Im starting to feel like this problem could be a number of things now. Motherboard, Memory. My asus p8p67 pro does the double post. This could be a reason, but not likely as Ive read alot of people experience this with the sandy bridge. I could easily test the memory, 1 at a time, but my Mobo has a MEM Check and everything was OK!

    Now I am going to put my older Radeon in the case.
    Will I need to uninstall the Nvidia drivers if I put the Radeon in?
  12. Will I need to uninstall my nvidia drivers to install my old radeon card?
  13. I have moved my Asus Radeon 4850 into my new computer.
    I have noticed a slight glitch here and there. but nothing close to the same level as when I had my 580 in there.
    I'm going to put my 580 into my old case and try some testing.

    Only thing is that it barely fits in my old case, a mid tower.
  14. Put the 580 in my old comp. Idled at 44C, but its a mid case.
    Played TF2 flawless, no glitches. Card went to about 55C

    I do notice a slight blur on my Dell 22'' desktop icons with the 580 where as with the 4850 its crisp. I'm not sure what would be causing that. When I put my card back into my new comp I'll see how the 580 effects my asus 27''

    Ok so I guess my EVGA is running well. I experience slight freezes with the radeon 4850 in my new system. So now I'm starting to wonder if my memory is playing a part in this. I've got 4 sticks. I'll play with 2 in the A and B slots and see how the freezing is.

    I am running memtest 86 all night. It ran through 1st time with no errors.
  15. Let us know when the memtest is finished
  16. Memtest went through 6 passes over night. No errors found.

    I noticed that when I typed in the f ou eldbox my screen would freeze and my text jump ahead after it had froze. So it now seems more than just my gpu which I originally thought.

    Could be my mobo I guess
  17. You might try the card in a 2nd PCIe slot. Maybe the 1st is damaged. If it does work well in the 2nd, you'd want to RMA the motherboard (or exchange).
  18. Agreed^
    If it didn't work in the second PCI-E slot either,then RMA your board.
    You have tested both GPU and RAM,so it's safe to say if the card doesn't work fine in the second PCI-E slot,then your board is defective.
  19. works in the 2nd slot. I'm still getting the freezing. even in the lesser graphic demanding games. However, no idea why but since ive been changing out the cards and installing and reinstalling the drivers the card is not freezing as frequent as it did before. it sued to be every 20-30 seconds, now its 1-4 minutes.

    So I guess it can be summed up that it would be my mobo?
  20. Probably yes.RMA it and let us know how it goes
    (I first suspected it could be the PSU,but It probably isn't since you tested the card in 2 systems)
  21. Really, you don't feel 850W is enough?
    Will I have to reinstall everything if I get the same MoBo?
  22. What sort of keyboard, mouse and/or left handed controllers do you use? There are cases that some of these gaming peripherals can draw more power than your USB hub can support causing them to power down and be reinstalled by windows, resulting in 5 second pauses.

    You might try stripping down your peripherals to a bare minimum and see if anything changes.
  23. have my hp printer hooked up to the front 3.0 usb
    logitech G5 mouse and Saitek Eclipse keyboard hooked up to the back 3.0s
    All my peripherals are the same from my old system which I used for 4 years.
  24. I never said your PSU isn't enough.In fact,it's more than enough
    I meant the problems you have aren't related to you PSU,since you tested in 2 systems.
  25. FWIW, Nvidia offers a "clean install" option when installing or updating drivers that first removes the early Nvidia drivers on the computer. This doesn't work when switching between AMD and Nivdia GPUs, but eliminates the need for a driver cleaner to be run in between updating drivers.
  26. dankcik09 said:
    have my hp printer hooked up to the front 3.0 usb
    logitech G5 mouse and Saitek Eclipse keyboard hooked up to the back 3.0s
    All my peripherals are the same from my old system which I used for 4 years.

    The problem with a lot of higher powered peripherals is a known problem with a lot of the logitech problems with the x58 motherboards. I don't know if it is still a problem with the P67's.
  27. Okay getting a replacement, reading the feedback I noticed quite a few people having similar issues as me. Was considering getting the MSI or Gigabyte board, but don't want to mess with clean installs.

    If this ASUS fails I will consider the other boards.
  28. Newegg got me my RMA in 1 day. So awesome.
    Took out the faulty board and placed the new one in and have not noticed anymore lag, freeze spikes yet. I've tested it out all day and I've come to the conclusion that it was a bad mobo.

    Placed the new mobo in and was able to resume work no drivers, installed or anything needed to be done. Just had to tell the Bios which was my boot drive. AWESOME!

    I really appreciate the help Maziar and bystander.
  29. No prob,we're here to help :) glad it's working fine now
  30. Okay, I totally lied. I'm noticing the freezing still...
  31. You mentioned you didn't reinstall any drivers,so that could be the issue
  32. Maziar said:
    You mentioned you didn't reinstall any drivers,so that could be the issue

    Although, if it's the same exact motherboard that he swapped out, it theoretically shouldn't need a reinstall of drivers.
  33. Yeah, it doesn't need any drivers. I'm starting to think it could be my GPU.
  34. However. I am no longer noticing the strange latency. But I still get freezes, Very infrequent, but I paid a pretty penny for this thing and I should not have any freezing, esp. with the 580
  35. dankcik09 said:
    However. I am no longer noticing the strange latency. But I still get freezes, Very infrequent, but I paid a pretty penny for this thing and I should not have any freezing, esp. with the 580

    What are you doing when it infrequently freezes? Sometimes games will have occasional freezes when loading from info from the harddrive.
  36. Latest update, got a replacement 580. Nothing different, still getting the freezing.
    So now what? The processor????

    I get freezing in TF2 and in LoL
    However I do not freeze at all in Assassin's Creed.

    So this could be a server based issue and not mine?

    However the MoBo replacement was necessary. The GPU appears not.

    Geez i've already replaced the MoBo and the GPU....
  37. If you only get freezes in online games,then it could possibly be an issue with your network or the game server.Try more single player games and check if you still have freezes or not
  38. on the ssd.
  39. So did you test other games ?(Singleplayer)
  40. Ok. Good idea. It may just be the servers I'm playing on.

    Ive been running crysis2 on full graphics smoothly.
  41. I know I'm late to the game here but:

    It does seem like it might be your connection. You only have stuttering on your newer computer. Are you using a different network adapter on your newer system?
  42. Not at all. Im hardwired. Also I have a pretty strong connection. Jsut d/l Crysis2 at 2.1 mbs
  43. So you are using your onboard (motherboard) LAN/ethernet in which case the motherboard RMA should have fixed that problem... still a mystery. :) I guess it could be a server side issue.
  44. dankcik09 said:
    Ok. Good idea. It may just be the servers I'm playing on.

    Ive been running crysis2 on full graphics smoothly.

    If all the SP games you tested run fine,then it's most likely a problem with the servers(in MP games)
  45. Ok I am still noticing it. In games that are not online like crysis have lag too. Do you think the root of the problem could be the processor? The lagging happens when a bigger graphic element will happen, like an explosion. Its so odd.
  46. You mentioned you tested the games on the SSD,can you try them on the HDD ?
  47. I have SC II installed on my HDD which runs fine. But it seems that most if not all my games on my SSD lag out when big evens happen (Explosions, whatever else)

    So would this lead me to the conclusion that I need a new SSD?
  48. I also have browser lag. What could cause this? Firefox is installed on my SSD as well.
    I've ordered a replacement SDD. Sucks that I have to reinstall everything.
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