GPU not working after case change

I had my machine in a Cooler Master ATX mid tower for the better part of two years with no problems at all. I recently got a NZXT Phantom ATX full tower to accomodate more hdd and what ever else I plan to put in there in the future. Case is awesome! A lot of fans, keeps my mess cool. Now I moved everything in, plugged it in the same way (I took pictures so I could match it exactly lol) and when I power up the machine, all LEDs run, the fans run, the mobo's lights turn on, I could hear the HDDs spin I heard that like clicking sound computers make when the processor is all busy working and stuff. Problem is that even though I have my monitor plugged into the GPU (EVGA Nvidia GTX 260), it doesn't receive a signal. It's almost as if I don't have the monitor connected.

I have two monitors I tried. The one, an old Dell monitor, doesn't even say it's looking for a signal, the screen just remains off. When I used my other monitor, a 24" Samsung hd TOC, it would show a "check the signal" every time I unplugged the DVI cable from the GPU while the machine was powered. So I guess that's something but still, the fact of the matter is that I cam getting no response when I turn on the machine.

I read that if you pulled out the RAM and the HDD, the computer should beep when powered up but I heard nothing (I have speakers plugged in along with a little speaker connected directly to the mobo). I was also told that if I heard a long beep followed by some short beeps, then it's an issue with the GPU but I haven't heard any beeping what so ever.

Any ideas as to what I did/ what component is not doing its job?
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  1. If your computer normally (before switching cases) booted into your desktop and played a few notes of music? If it's still doing this (booting all the way to the desktop) and you just can't see it, try reseating your graphics card. It may not be all the way in...
  2. Is the GPU fan spinning. Does that model require 1 or 2 six pin power connectors?
  3. Thanks for the replies!

    I am getting zero response from boot. Normally it wil go to post, then head to a log in screen where I log into my user profile and then go from there. What it does now is nothing. The screen doesn't even flicker on from its sleep state.

    The EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 takes two six pin power connectors, both of which are connected (they're bright red on my power supply, kind of hard to miss lol) but the fan on the GPU does not spin at all.

    I tried doing an out of case boot on a nonconductive surface to make sure I'm not shorting something out and I still get the same lack of response. I did leave the machine on for about 5 minutes one boot and I could feel heat coming off the CPU and GPU so something is happening in there, just not what I want to be doing lol

    jk! Sorry I'm such an idiot, I had mistakenly moved the 4 pin CPU power cable in the case and forgot all about it. Plugged it in and I was off to the races. Sorry again! ^^;;
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