Corsair 650D vs Lian-Li Lancool K62

I'm torn between the Corsair 650D and Lian-Li Lancool K62 cases for my first home-built system.

CORSAIR: [...] 6811139006 - $189.99

LANCOOL: [...] 6811112320 - $99.99

I'm a fan of non-aggresive case designs and these two fit that look, the Corsair over the Lancool though. I'd like to see if any of you have any input regarding build quality and air-flow of these two cases. I've looked at video and text reviews and still can't decide. Is there any reason you would choose one over the other? What are the major strengths and weaknesses of both? Cost isn't much of an issue, though I think we're all willing to save 100 bucks if it's possible without sacrificing anything performance-wise.

Thanks for your input and looking forward to what you guys / gals have to say!
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Check this one:

    Very good for the price and good for performance
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    the corsair 650D is built like a tank and looks like a small full tower case. the cable management ability on their cases (in their price points) are second to none but unless you re-build your PC consonantly, that feature is often over blown. the corsair fans are decent but not great ( i replaced all my corsair case fans). they tend to be loud and from previous reviews I have read, the 200m don't move that much compared to other fans in the market and can make a rattle noise (from 600T reviews)

    the lian li has solid build quality, solid cable management and solid fans (although I doubt the rear is silent @ 1500rpm). it basically does everything good enough and at that price, its a hard case to beat. i would take it any day over the CM690 II linked by saint19.

    if you need the space, the corsair would be the way to go but if you just need a good case it's hard to argue over the lian-li. as is cases are mostly about looks, get the one you think looks best in your home.
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  4. Thanks you two for the replies and input. The CM690 II was actually the first case I considered, because of the aesthetics and air-flow. But then I saw the K62 and the 650D and fell in love with both. You're last sentence has made me choose the 650D, Dirtyferret. I can replace the fans, but the look of that case is perfect for what I want in my home. Thanks a ton, you solidified my choice!
  5. gratz, it's a nice case, enjoy
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