Gpu for new rig

Hi there,

I will be building a new rig with the following specs :

Case : Corsair 650d midtower
Cpu : i5-2500k
Mobo : Asus p8p67 deluxe
Gpu( max price range 500) : I was debating : 2x 6870 in crossfire, 6950 and flash its bios and oc it to an 6970 or an gtx 580 which would push my budget to its max.

I was wondering if 2x 6870 in crossfire would run too hot on air in a midtower.

Will an 6950 be able to flash itself well and oc itself to the equivalent of a 6970?
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  1. yeh but see if it is having a reference cooler......
  2. Your talking about the 6850 for the reference cooler? I was thinking of maybe going with Asus Direct Cu 2 6950 can I flash it easily?
  3. i 'd say go with the 6950 2GB for now
    and CF it at a later time as u see necessary.
  4. Tho the 6870 crsosfire is way more powerful than the 6950 as a single card, but it is always better to go with the stronger single card soultion.Having a dual card setup releys heavily on updated drivers and some games don't fully utlize more than 1 card.

    I think it's best if you get a 6950 or a GTX580.Maybe later on down the road if you think you need more power you can SLI/Crossfire then.Don't forget the new AMD 7000 series GPU's are supposed to be dropping in couple months.Maybe you should wait until then.Prices could drop for the current cards or maybe their will be better ones for your money.

    What is the make/model of the psu your going to use?
  5. First of thanks for answering, I will most probably be going with a coirsair or seasonic gold 850w full modular. I was told last night by a member of another forum that bulldozer is coming out soon and might be worth waiting..What about the 7000 series what is scheduled to be release, do you know?

    Thank you
  6. The release dates are still not confirmed but soucres are saying that the Bulldozer and Zamezi chips are going to be released in June and July.It would make a lot of sense for AMD to release the 7000 series along with their new line up of processors.Lots of sources are saying that the expected released for both the GPU's and CPU's are going to be sometime this summer so I really think it's best to wait to upgrade.

    Those PSU's will be fine.Your all good there.
  7. there is still 5-6 months before you will see the next series from nvidia and amd... if you can hold yourself until then... good... otherwise... you can find a gtx 580 with rebate at just 480 dollars...
  8. 580 for 480 is still a bad deal, it's only 10% faster than 6970/570, which cost 300-375$, If you don't mind risking with 6950 flash to 6970 and OCing it later on then go for it, but make sure you get a REFERENCE model *non-reference can also be flashed, but you might have issues with them and chance of success is lower*.
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