Power consumption formula of cpu processor

what is the formula for power consumption of cpu processor?
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  1. Do you have reason to doubt the published spec? I don't see how it could be calculated. I suspect the OEMs just plug it in and see how much power it consumes.
  2. no, through benching there are Max Load wattage readings that are different, and they change with OC. For instance, on a bench with the new FX-8150 the max cpu wattage was avg.'d at peak usage 191W, the i7 at 193W, and the 980BE at 154W. There is a difference, but i have no idea how they formulate it.
  3. Casual, I'm sure those are system, no CPU only.

    Saibaba, I also know of no way to calculate the power consumption. You can use a Kill-a-watt to measure, but that will give you system power consumption, not CPU only.
  4. there are system calculators, sure, but i am positive they have to have something to calculate a cpu's max useage. Whether its for consumers or not is another story, but i've seen them in bench testing. personally.
  5. There is no specific formula because when you OC a CPU you can adjust different voltages and clockspeeds for the CPU clock, (FSB), data transport channels, etc. If you want a rough estimate you could use the base clock speed percentage change but it's only an approximation.

    You'd actually need a proper lab set-up specifically designed to measure the CPU power consumption for accuracy. So if you increase the CPU frequency by 10% you could estimate the increased power consumption to be 10% over the P0 state power consumption which is typically around the advertise TDP figure in watts. It may be a little more or a little less percentage wise when you OC. There is no way to know without direct measurement.
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