Graphics card doesnt detect monitor vga to dvi

I have just bought an AOC 2436swa 24" monitor but my ATI radeon HD5770 (dual DVI) graphics card won't detect it and gives no signal. I am using the VGA lead that came with the monitor and a VGA to DVI adapter. When I remove the Graphics card and connect monitor to onboard HD4200 radeon VGA graphics it works fine. Before this monitor I was using my LCD TV via a similar adapter HDMI to DVI which I never had any problems with. I have tried to solve this problem to no avail so if anyone has any ideas could you please help. Thanks.
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  1. Welcome!
    Make sure your adapter and/or connector on the card is DVI-I so it can carry analog signal, DVI-D is only digital. Here you can see the difference
  2. Hi, and thanks for prompt response, the connectors on Graphics card are both DVI-I dual link judging from your link. The adapters I use are both DVI-D dual link for VGA and HDMI, so this may be the problem. Funny thing is the HDMI to DVI-D adapter works fine for TV, yet the VGA to DVI-D adapter will not work.....

    Anyway, I shall buy a VGA to DVI-I adapter and try that, many thanks for help :)
  3. HDMI is like DVI-D a digital signal and therefore explains why it work!
  4. Ahhhhh, I specifically bought the same kind of DVI adapter for monitor thinking that cause it worked with TV I would have no problem. Thank you for your help, I now understand a little more about DVI connections.
  5. I can confirm this solution fixed my problem!
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