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I hear the 9800GTX+ had a replacement card to fit in there 200 series release.

A. Does any one know what that replacement card is ?

B. Will it SLI with a 9800GTX+ ?

C. Will it TRI SLI with 2 other 9800GTX+ ?

D. Is it a good idea ?

I have a 3-Way SLI Mainboard Asus M3N ht Deluxe. and it will be awesome if i can just add a 3de card

already have 2 9800GXT+ in SLI

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  1. GTS250. It should SLI with the 9800GTX+ just fine. Its not a good idea however. Tri scaling is bad, a single faster card would be better.
  2. Just remember that you can only SLI GTS 250 and 9800GTX+ if they have the same amount of memory
    And I agree with 4745454b,3-way SLI isn't a great idea unless you play at extremely high resolutions(furthermore,it doesn't scale as good as 2-way SLI in most parts)
  3. The GTS 250 can only go in a 2-way SLI setup, not a 3 way. You could SLI a 9800GTX+ with a GTS250 (same basic GPU after all), but a GTS 250 does not have the second SLI connector to allow it to work in a 3 way setup.
  4. Are you sure megaman ? According to Nvidia,GTS 250 supports both 2-way and 3-way SLI
  5. you should really just upgrade - 3 generations behind card = ouch
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