GTX 570 SLI Surround Resolution Problem

Hey guys,

I'm trying to run 3 1920x1080 monitors in 2d surround vision with 2 EVGA GTX 570 SC. I have 2 Samsung 2333T and 1 Samsung 2333SW which are basically the same monitor. It runs surround fine, but my max resolution is only 5040x1050. Why can't I go to 5760x1080? It's really annoying because it distorts the picture.
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  1. Bump. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. well thats hard if the 3 monitors have identical resolution then i dont know what is the proplem the center monitor have to be connected to the first GPU and the 2 monitors have to be connected to the second card
  3. try to create a custom resolution in Nvidia control panel
  4. oh right I see how it is, this mo fo can bump his thread, but If a addict to the forum tries it then its bye bye thread... I see loyalty gets you nowhere here.
  5. Lol, wut?
  6. Sorry man, just looking for help.

    I tried that and it says my display doesn't support this resolution.
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