New Gaming Build : around 900$

Hello Guys,

I've done a lot of research to create this first build, but i'm still nervous and would like to have ur comments and insight about it :)

Thanks a lot for your help ladies and gentlemen.

Approximate Purchase Date: As soon that i have a few confirmations from your part....just need to press send

Budget Range: 900-1000 canadian $$ after rebate

System Usage from Most to Least Important :Gaming : BF3 + Diablo3 + Deus EX

Parts Not Required: Keyboard n mouse, sreen, sound, dvd drive and i intend to use my 650W Antec true power trio v2.0 (

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: NCIX, and will price match with any canadian sites

Country of Origin: Canada

Parts Preferences: Intel, otherwise...not really

Overclocking: with mobo capabilities...nothing fancy

SLI or Crossfire: In the futur, yes and I know that ill probably need a bigger PSU

Monitor Resolution: 1680*1050

Additional Comments: nothing special

Alright so here's my build before price matching, all prices come from ncix canada.

Case : Cooler master Haf 912 = 60 $

MOBO : I like the warranty on this one vs the asrock
ASUS P8P67 Pro REV3.0 ATX P67 LGA1155 = 197$

Processor : free ground shipping
intel core i5-2500K unlocked = 240$

CPU Cooling :
Thermalright Venomous X-RT 6 HeatPipes = 45$

Video Card : Nice warranty on this one :)
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Fermi 850MHZ 1024MB = 215$ mail-in

Fans : 3 120MM fans
Enermax UCTB12N = 6.5*3 = 19.5 $

Memory :
G.SKILL Ripjaws X F3-10666CL9D-8GBXL = 58$

Western Digital WD20EARS Caviar Green 2TB SATA2 3Gbps 64MB = 70$

Grand total of 904$ before taxes

So....what do you think ???

Thanks again for your help and support

The Crazy French Man
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    Looks pretty good. Only thing I would change is the hard drive. The Caviar Greens are meant to use less power, so they're slow. Something like a Seagate Barracuda would be better. Get a second one if you really need 2 TB of storage.

    You could consider a different cooler as well; it looks like the price has doubled on the one you linked. The CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ and Scythe Mugen are two of the best.
  2. Thanks for the HDD advice, I didn't notice that earlier...

    As for the cooler, I have special guest price at NCIX. So at this price...should I keep it in my build ?
  3. Yeah, if you can get it for that price, then get it. It's got similar performance to the Hyper 212+ and is quieter, so for just $5 more, that's not bad. I wouldn't buy it at the MSRP though.
  4. Thank you coleam45

    I'll go with that build.
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