Corsair's 1.35v memory- is it worth it?


I was looking at memory to buy and stumbled across this:
It's Corsair Vengeance LP Arctic White 8GB (2x4GB), at 1.35v.

I was planning on buying:
Corsair Vengeance LP Black 8GB (2x4GB) at 1.5v.

Is the lower voltage worth the extra few pounds or is 1.5v absolutely fine for RAM?
Also, does low profile RAM have any disadvantages? I don't need it, but thought it would be handy for future upgrades.

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  1. Low Profile RAM doesn't interfere with CPU coolers like the ones with heatspreaders do. If you're not sure, go with the LP RAM

    As for the 1.35 vs 1.5 difference there's no change in performance. The 1.5 volt specification is better supported right now though since 1.35 just came out.
  2. Depends on the MOBO. I prefer DDR3L (1.35v) RAM and the IC's are generally better than prior IC's, and the added plus is it's better on the CPU and CPU's IMC. Keep in mind 1.35v RAM is Rated at both 1.35v and 1.50v.

    MOBO's - Full 1.35v support is on all LGA 1155 and LGA 2011 MOBO's that I've seen, and on most AM3+ after a BIOS update. MOBO's prior to that check with the OEM and most older AMD non-FX generally will not support the 1.35v but will support the same RAM running at 1.50v.
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