Strange Keyboard Problem (Please Help)!

Hello,and thank you for taking your time to assist me!

The other night I walked away from my computer and when I returned half of the keys on my keyboard stopped responding.

I unplugged it, reinstalled drivers, checked for sticky keys, and even tried a usb keyboard to no avail. Interestingly, when I tried the usb keyboard the exact same keys were not responding.

I'm utterly confused as this cannot be a hardware issue. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Well it weird but why not just buy a new keyboard
    there not expensive
  2. I have had an issue like this on a laptop. it was caused by the windows language mapper. it had changed the keyboards layout to only include half the keys. i would check the language settings for your keyboard and make sure they are all for US, maybe even reset everything in that control panel.

    if 2 keyboards fail then your right, its a software issue some where in the comp. boot up in safe mode and see if they keys work. if they do then its a service or program launching that is messing with it. if it remains the same then its a windows setting.
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