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Which DDR3 1600Mhz to buy? Plz help

Hi folks,

I have decided on TWO sticks of DDR3 1600 MHz for my notebook. Now after considering price and other specs, I am confused among these THREE models:
1) - Lowest price (~$57)

2) - a bit higher (~$61)

3) - Highest (~$84)

I'm not a gamer, but I do IDE based development and Adobe blend works at max. Run simultaneously 20~22 browser tabs and side programs. Also I have in my notebook a 120 GB Corsair Force 3 SSD and no HDD, however, will replace Optical drive with stock HDD later.

I have read here less latency means better but as well as in real life, almost no difference due to CAS, so I'm real confused here as which one would be the VFM and Why. if it is also a bit explained about the CAS things in the above THREE mentioned, it will really help me to understand and satisfy my question.

My Laptop model: HP 2000-2116TU (

Any help regarding the above is appreciated.
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  1. I would go with the Hynix since it is the cheapest and has no noticeable performance difference from the other.
  2. Never seen the brand! In general heat spreaders do not do much in a laptop and it is CL9.
  3. Sorry to bother you again, this one( and (~$99) is a high price but worth it? and about the previous one, the shipper is from USA, I also never heard about it...
  4. will add 2 i.e. ~$99 - added price.
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    sanjoyb said:
    will add 2 i.e. ~$99 - added price.

    Not worth it when you can get the Hynix for $57 8GB. Hynix themselves produce memory chips that go on the modules and is the default manufacturer for HP.
  6. Thnx, I will go with Hynix.

    By the way, My stock RAM is of Hyundai:
  7. Yep, nothing wrong with Hynix.
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