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Can bad ram blow up your motherboard


I recently sold some memory sticks and the customer said they blew up his motherboard. Can bad ram blow up your motherboard?
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    IF RAM is bad or incompatible then the MOBO will simply fail to post. Solution, replace the RAM. Most RAM carries a Lifetime Warranty.

    There's only (2) two components that can 'burn-up' a MOBO: 1. Bad / Shorted PSU, 2. Bad / Shorted MOBO -- Period!!!
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  4. "Blow up a motherboard" is a colloquial term for not "working at all" or causing BSOD's.

    Your liability would be almost none as it is buyer beware for components however, if the ram you sold is found to be faulty as sold by you then you are liable to replace or refund plus shipping costs to the buyer.
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