Best Value/Quality 23/24 Inch Gaming Monitor

Hi All,

My trusty Viewsonic VP930b finally suffered Capacitor Death after 5 years.

I'm looking for a good 23/24 inch monitor, the machine gets used for a combination of gaming and business.

I'm on a budget, not being currently gainfully employed I will have to ask my wife nicely :-) So I'm on a budget.

I'm probably guessing $250 might be the top end of the price range.

I don't want another Viewsonic. Suggestions please. Will probably end up buying this weekend.

Graphics card is currently an EVGA 8800GT


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  1. Spend a couple more dollars and get this... will be happy..if it is for gaming...a buddy of mine has 3 of these in Eyefinity and they look nice.And it has a native resolution of 1920 x 1200.
  2. Or if you want smaller this is perfect for your card
  3. The Asus VW246H is pretty good.

    Here is my review of the VK246H. Same as the VW246H, but has a built-in webcam. The "VK" was on sale when I bought it so it was cheaper than the "VW".

    Here's a more professional review which was published after my initial review:
  4. ASUS, Acer, Samsung all make really good monitors...
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