Can't boot from USB Pen Drive

I have a P8Z77-V Pro and I would appreciate if someone can explain how the UEFI boot option works. I have a USB pen drive which I want to boot from (it contains disk image restore software).

When the plug in the pen drive it appears in the boot override list twice, once as the name of the pen drive and a second time prefixed with UEFI. I would like to be able to select the pen drive as a boot option but I can only select the UEFI entry in the boot sequence and this fails to work. The only way I can get it to boot from the pen drive is by pressing F8 during boot and selecting the non-UEFI entry or by going into the BIOS and selecting the non-UEFI entry in the boot override.

So why can't I select the pen drive in the boot sequence setting or how do I get it to boot using the UEFI prefixed entry in the boot sequence?
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  1. Don't flash if you don't need to. If you decide to flash then make sure you set everything to bios defaults before flashing
  2. In the advanced mode in your bios go to Tools > Asus Ez Flash 2 utility
    Browse for your usb stick and select the bios to flash that you put on your usb flash drive.
  3. Thanks but I'm not trying to flash the bios from the pen drive. The pen drive contains a bootable Macrium Reflect disk imager. All I want to do is set the bios so that it recognises the pen drive as bootable. As I said in my orginal post, I can only select a UEFI entry for the pen drive but this fails to boot and goes straight the HDD boot.
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