"Dead" pixels displayed by half dead gpu

Recently my main gpu (6950) died on me so when I had to RMA it I installed a semi broken gpu (hd4850) (It has these strange colored blocks appearing when on load).
Anyway when I had correctly installed my old gpu and I noticed dead/stuck pixels when browsing the web I thought my monitor was starting to give in. However today I recieved my replacement new gpu and the dead/stuck pixels were not to be seen.

So my question to you all, have any of you ever experienced this?

PS: Before anyone asks, no the pixels never moved an inch they were at exactly the same place all the time.

PS2: Monitor is a Samsung syncmaster T220.
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    It's very possible that part of the memory/etc was bad and the "stuck pixels" really were consistent frame corruption.
  2. Maybe your monitor does have dead pixels and they are intermittant. My old asus 19" had a bright blue pixel that would come and go.
  3. Yeah I'm personally not really worried about stuck pixels (was already planning on getting a new monitor this year).
    However if I have experienced this due to a faulty gpu others who blame their monitors might have it as well. Thus it might be handy if we encounter a post mentioning dead stuck pixels we also advice taking a look at the gpu.

    And I doubt it's intermittant, never ever had a stuck pixels in the 3years I have this monitor and before my old 6950 broke down I never had one either. It's seems completely gpu related.

    Thanks for sharing thoughts.
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