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Hey guys! I'm new hear, but I would love some help with my pc I'm going to build. My budget is $800 and I'm leaning more towards the gaming side. So far I'm looking at:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition : $119.99

Memory: Crucial Ballistix sport 8GB : $49.99

Not sure what case to get or motherboard mostly because I want this graphics card:

SAPPHIRE 100312-3SR Radeon HD 6950 : $264.99 but $245 with rebate

I haven't had a great computer and I've been dying to build a good one. I don't want to go wrong with products and have to return them so can you guys help me pick a motherboard, power supply, and case that will work please?

My main focus is for battlefield 3!
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  1. asrock has a mobo out there for $110 on newegg, and it is more than enough. They use the same parts as asus. i believe its a 970 model.

    power supply should be around an HX650 or something of similar quality/power, due to upgrade options.

    A good Case is the Cooler Master HAF 912. great airflow, and has a lot of room for a mid-sized case.

    I would recommend spending an extra on the gpu, and get a GTX570 instead.

    This will leave you without a hdd, so if you dont have one, you could go with a much cheaper mobo, and save a good $45, and get a 500Gb 7200rpm hdd.

    total for this would bring you right at $800.
  2. also, you dont need 1600 speed ram...1333 will suit you just fine.
  3. Sorry I should of said this, but I also getting a monitor for $130.
  4. oh wow...that is a VERY tight budget then. you will need to drop down to a GTX560 (half the price) and you can squeeze the HDD and monitor in there.
  5. I'll be ok with the monitor. I can have a little added if needed. How well can the gtx560 run battlefield 3?
  6. i would get this mobo so you could upgrade to FX processor when you want. the fx4 series starts at $120 and overclocks to 4.6 on air so you may want to wait for that to come out.
    also this is a great budget case
    as far as a video card i would get a nvidia 570 as they seem to do a little better on battlefield 3.
    your gonna want a nice CPU cooler too if your looking to overclock. I suggest zalman:
  7. The RAM you've chosen is CAS10. Look for CAS9 or better.
    Also, regardless of quality (not saying it's either good or bad), I recommend against any Coolermaster parts. Some of their PSUs have liar-labels on them, or claim protections that they actually lack (fact, not opinion; reviews at HardwareSecrets). That's dishonest, and I do not believe a dishonest company deserves anyone's business. Fortunately, in every market it has entered, Coolermaster has competitors who offer equal (or better) products for the same (or less) money. Check out Rosewill's gaming cases and Xigmatek's 120mm coolers.
  8. this ram is much better
    adata is best for the money i think
  9. nagol567 said:
    this ram is much better
    adata is best for the money i think

    That ram is gone!

    Thanks for the input guys. I still want to go with the radeon hd 6950 2gb as long as the can hold it.
  10. guy from newegg on the rosewill "I've heard a lot of people complain about the size of this case, but it had no trouble holding my Radeon HD 6950"
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    What resolution will you be running? The 2GB on the 6950 won't come close to being used in 1920 X 1080. If you are planning on running eyefinity, the you would need the extra video memory. 1GB is plenty if you are running at 1920 x 1080.

    This card will save you some money, and it comes factory O.C'd with a very good cooler on it.

    I just used it in a build and it is very nice.
  12. Thanks guys! I'll most likely by the rosewill case with a the gigabyte 6950 Ocd blade recommended. Blade what psu did you use? I found a this for only $95:
  13. That's a good PSU.
  14. Yep That's a good PSU, I used a Xigmatek for my friend because it was on sale and still a pretty reputable brand he only had $900 and wanted to get a 2500k (and needed monitor) haha so I found the cheapest reliable other parts.

    this is a good tool to find out how much power you need:

    Then you have to look at your budget and find a brand you feel comfortable with. Corsair and seasonic is very good
  15. I have a question as I am shopping around for a build as well. Are there any good ATX mobo's (that aren't mATX's) for the sub $100 range? I'm not looking to oc anything (although factory oc is fine with me.) Between Newegg and TD I haven't had any luck.
  16. That looks like an interesting question to start your own thread in the forum!
  17. Cases I'd recommend the Cooler Master HAF 912 and the Antec 300 Illusion.

    And as for going with a power supply, there's any number of PSUs you can obtain for less than $100 but the trick is to make sure they're UL certified and rated at least 80+ bronze or greater. The Corsair Builder Series CX600 is a great place to start, but Seasonic and PC Power & Cooling are also excellent brands.
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