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I saw a post where someone said they got the FX 8150 and it improved their FPS +60 in certain games.I was under the impression the GPU was responsible for things like that?
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  1. The CPU has a large impact on games, some more then others. The CPU will handle AI calculations, physics, and other such maths. It will also handle any graphics off-loaded by the GPU. If your CPU is underpowered it will bottleneck the GPU and slow everthing down.
  2. like causing a computer to restart?
  3. Na, it wouldn't cause it to restart just from being to slow, your frame rates will just be low. Restarting could be a large number of other issues.
  4. hrmm.my pc is fine on every game except bc2.Even with this new nice mobo it restarts.The GPU only reaches 77c and poof.Fans on it are spinning so idk what it is
  5. What are your system specs? Maybe we can get to the bottom of it.
  6. asus sabertooth 990 fx[which still has bios of old gigabyte mobo],anthlon ii x4 645,power color 6970 2gb,8gb of 1333,xfx 750 w psu,wind 7 64bit
  7. First thing to do is download and update to the latest BIOS. Also be sure to download and install the latest chipset drivers.
  8. i hear its easy to mess up pc messing with bios,shouldnt this stuff be on the cd it came with?if not how do i do it?
  9. Consolt your user manual for step by step instructions. It's not really hard to do, but you want to make sure you do it right. The BIOS that is shipped with the motherboard is pre-installed but it's probably out dated.

    If you don't have the manual it can be found on the Asus website link I gave you.
  10. i think i installed the chipset driver.How can i see if I did it correctly?
  11. If your pc is just shutting off and restarting when you're putting a significant load on it, it could be your power supply. PSU's degrade over time and if you have a cheap one then this could certainly be the issue.
  12. The chipset driver is pretty striaght forward, like intalling video drivers, etc. Could play a bit of BC2 and see how it goes.
  13. shouldnt an xfx 750 be enough for my system?
  14. should i attempt to download new bios with old one there?then delet it if successful?
  15. yeah 750 watt should be more then enough. I always recommend updating to the latest BIOS. When you update it will replace the old BIOS. Again, be sure to read the instructions.
  16. ok i have noticed instead od restarting like it did on the old mobo it now says atleast 100% of atleast 1 cpu being used.Then not to long after that instead of restarting now it freezes.And I have to restart it myself.ctrl-alt-delt does even work once it freezes
  17. Heat related perhaps. Grab HWMonitor and play some bc2 keeping an eye on CPU/core temps, and GPU temps.

    Make sure your case has good air flow, and the heatsink/fan is on the CPU properly.
  18. i have an haf 932 airflow should be ok.I watch the gpu temp never see it above 77c in bc2.
  19. what temps should i be looking at on my cpu?
  20. I believe the max safe temp is 70C for the Athy 2, I could be wrong. You probably don't want it up that high though.
  21. what is tmpino?its on that program monitoring the temps?it got up to 59c so i stopped the game.the cpu only got to 41c at that point
  22. ok the cpu was at 48c,gpu 77c and tmpino was at 68c when it froze.Once again had to restart..peez help!!
  23. anyone??
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