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I currently am running a AMD Phenom II X6 1055t @2.8Ghz with a MSI NF750-G55 motherboard. It already has capability to sli , which i prob wont use and a msi overclocking switch which is easy and simple to use, but thinking its time to update to an am3+ motherboard with the 990fx chipset as this motherboard is from 2010. i decided that i need a new motherboard.

My options are: - ASRock Extreme3 990fx - $105 - ASUS Sabertooth 990fx Open Box - $130 - ASUS M5A99X EVO 990Fx - $115 after MIR

Just looking for opinions. Really looking towards the sabertooth, but is open box a major risk for the money?
Also havent heard much from ASRock for quality but seems to be good.
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  1. I would go with ASUS Sabertooth 990fx .

    ASRock is fine.
  2. take the risk on an open box is worth it? thats wat im thinking is the sabertooth just didnt know how reliable open box items are.
  3. There is a good discount.

    Test it when u get it and u will see.

    Make sure u test it with in the same day of receiving the mobo : )
  4. You aren't going to gain any extra speed by upgrading your MB, so I think it's kind of a waste of money to do it at this time without a corresponding CPU and RAM upgrade.

    That said, I personally stay away from open box items. You never know what kind of headaches you are inheriting.
  5. going to am3+ will get me the option to go to an FX processor and it'll utilize my 1600MHz ram that is current down speed to 1333MHz. and they way i look at it might as well not go cheap on a new one but obviously not to much. I think my choice is either the Sabertooth or ASRock. just the open box thing im not to sure about yet.
  6. yea pile driver should be compatible with the am3+ socket as well
  7. yeah i read up on bulldozer fx series and havent heard much and that physical core phenoms are very similar and arnt worth the upgrade and if 2nd gen Fx r better and use am3+ it'll be worth the motherboard upgrade, and my psu isnt to great to get an OC out of my phenom x6 and the ram, so will be doing a psu upgrade as well, and quite stuck on getting an am3+ motherboard. or is pile driver completely different from 2nd gen/future bulldozer, from what i see piledriver will be an apu, but im not sure lol
  8. well if piledriver isnt worth it, which from a phenom it hopefully will lol it should be an upgrade, so yeah def not getting a bulldozer fx, and will wait for sure. thanks
  9. Have u thought of any Intel CPU's?

    Is that an option?
  10. Intel isnt really an option cause the cost where i can get an am3+ motherboard, and run a piledriver when they release but prob not on release some time after. and yes once i get a better psu i'll overclock my 1055t. also doing the motherboard upgrade in part of buying the motherboard off craigslist which it has ran fine and was worth the money, but some reviews say the MSI NF750-G55 some times can start on fire or get red hot. not saying im expecting it to do so or worried its just a little out dated.

    as i said above a new am3+ gives me the options if i want to get piledriver or bulldozer, it'll still run my phenom fine so if i dont upgrade to me i didnt really waste much.
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