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I built my computer and everything works i can get into windows fine, when i start my computer it starts beeps once then restarts goes into the post screen and then shows my hard drives and then boots into windows how do i make it so it doesnt double boot and i see my bios evga splash screen then windows? My motherboard is evga ftw3 x58 PLEASE HELP :o
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  1. What you are seeing is normal. You just have to get used to it.
  2. So i have to double boot everytime and have a beep? kind of annoying
  3. It's not a double boot, if I'm hearing you correctly. It's just the EVGA BIOS logo, then a beep, then Loading Windows. That's normal.
  4. The evga logo doesnt come up i dont know how to make it show when starting the computer
  5. under boot there should be a slash screen or quick boot settings. if quickboot is on the splash screen is off. with the new mb there are two bios now the efi and the old dos bios. under boot change settings to that you use one bios and turn the other one off.
  6. I have no option for quick boot or slash screen i looked everywhere in the BIOS :S
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