Bent socket pins - Please help me

Hello guys and girls,

I'm very new here - my first ever post - so please don't bite! :(

I'm very worried that I've killed my Asus Rampage II Extreme. I'm really hoping you can put my mind at rest but I've read some really worrying stuff online that it might definately be dead and gone with no hope of survival.

I took my PC apart with a mind to sell the processor and mobo and upgrade to a i7 3820. My old i7 920 has now sold and the mobo is imminently too! This means that I cannot test the mobo still works because I no longer have an LGA1366 processor to fit.

It's the socket I'm worried about - I should have put the cap on it straight away but I left it there open and some dust got in it...I tried blowing it out with condensed air - no worky! So I got a cloth out - big mistake! It got stuck on the pins and I ever so slightly bent a few! :/ anyway I've bent the worst ones back pi into place best I can but the damage is still visible where the pins come up further than theyre supposed to and yoh can feel it's uneven. However it's so small I'm hoping it won't make a difference as long as all the lins make contact with a CPU. Here's a photo taken with a magnifying glass its so small (I only have a camera on my phone); please let me know your diagnoses:

I've definately learnt my lesson and I'm potentially £100 out of pocket because of it. It's been a costly ordeal if that's the case but I'll know better next time. Thank you for your help in advance.

Kind Regards

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  1. Buy another Mobo.
    There is moderate damage.

    Good luck!
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