I5 2500k or I7 2600k

Okay question is this. I know as far as gaming wise a I5 2500k cpu cannot be beat, but most computer boutiques are pretty much phasing out that I5, and going with solid I7's. Now what I am wondering is, I will be building a desktop around my birthday,(in feb) will the I5 be phased out by then? What am I missing if I go with a I7 instead of a I5? Shouldnt the I7 have everything a I5 has plus a lil extra?
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  1. I don't mean to state the obvious if I misunderstood what you're saying so I apologize ahead of time. But from what I understood, by "phased out" it means to me that you're under the impression that the i7 is the sucessor of the i5. They're models of a different price range that are from the same generation, so the i5 will be around when you build
  2. I know that the I7 is much more powerful than the I5, I have been visiting the sites (ibypower,cyberpower, ect) The I5's I have been seeing are few and far between most of them are I7. You cannot even downgrade to the I5 anymore. That is what I mean by phased out. I mean I have been reading and everyone says the I5 is it for gaming would the I7 be worse?
  3. Nah the i7's are better in all aspects but probably the only worry would be a price increase.

    Plus, what are you doing buying a prebuilt pc :P
  4. Few things that terrify me, putting too much or not enough thermal paste on the cpu, and troubleshooting if things go sour. with warranty I can send the whole thing back and they fix it for free. And i know it will work when it gets too me. I used to build comps, but I have been outta the loop for 7 years. Seems everything has changed.
  5. when it comes to thermal paste, less is more.
  6. yeah I know that. but too little is called cooked cpu. one ting i wonder is when u push heatsink down, do u wiggle it a bit to make sure the paste is spread?like twist it from side to side a bit?
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