Kinda Odd BIOS/hardrive problem.

So recently my PSU died so I bought a new one and just installed it. While I has my whole PC apart I decided I'll install this old 500GB SATA had drive I got from a scape PC.
So everything is installed new PSU working great. Boot up my PC and I get "Reboot and Select Proper Boot device" I went into my BIOS to re-check the boot priority. And all I see is 1 Samsung HD 2- DVDROM, That's add cause the Hard drive with my OS is Western Digital the other 2 hard drives are both Samsung. So its no showing my primary Hard drive or the other back up. So next I tried just unplugging the 500Gb hard drive i installed. Then windows booted up fine, PC showed both my Hard drive. So u then plugged the 500GB HD back in and windows detected it and showed it empty.. Thought I fixed it but when i restarted my PC i got that message again... I don't get whats wrong here. I would like to get that 500GB hard drive to work right, could use the extra space until I finally decide to buy a 2TB.
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  1. Yeah. Buy a new HD because maybe the 500 Gb HD was gone dead with the PSU.

    Good LucK!
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