P67 extreme4 gen3 "d6 error"

System Specs
Motherboard: ASRock p67 Extreme4 gen3
BIOS version: p2.20
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge
Video Card: EVGA GTX 570

Hello Everyone,
Been looking around for a few days and I can't seem to figure out how to get this issue resolved. If I have my video card in one of the top two pci-e slots I get the Dr. Debug "d6" error which basically means its not detecting my video card. If I put my video card into my bottom pic-e slot I can start up fine. I have read several places with people having this issue but never a resolution. Is it just a bad board that I need to get RMA'ed? I just think its funny I've seen this issue a lot of other places online and didn't think we all had two bad pci-e slots. Any ideas?
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  1. I am having the exact same issue, did you ever find a fix for this?
  2. The PCI-e lanes from the top two PCI-e slots are connected to the CPU. The PCI-e lanes from the bottom PCI-e slot are connected to the PCH (chipset).

    The CPU might be faulty. You could have bent or broken socket pins. Or a faulty motherboard.

    Or something less probable: The first slot is connected via 16 PCI-e lanes, the second via 8, and the third via 4 lanes. If the graphics card has some problem in line 5 to 8, it might still work in the last slot but not in the others.
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