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Hello, I'm being given a computer from a friend who is leaving the country, I was just wondering if someone can get it appraised so to say? Tell me how good it is if possible. I downloaded Belarc Advisor. Here is a screenshot of the "audit". This just looks Japaneses to me to be honest.

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  1. After digging around a little, I found a more detailed discription about the video and sound cards
    If to be exact about the video card, It's a ATI Radeon™ HD 5870 Eyefinity
    Sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series PCIE
  2. my bet would be around 900.00 its an old chipset. im assuming that 120GB is a SSD, also adding 100.00 for the MB although i dont know what MB it is. the video card is about 250 ish. given the soundcard he has i assume it was one that came with a higher end MB.

    add 100 ish for the OS and another amount for the monitor depending on size.

    keep in mind these are prices of the parts these days, if you sell it you may not get this much as its older tech
  3. if you are being given it for nothing then you are in luck as even though its not the very latest tech its still a very good pc

    not sure about the 122.94gb drive as i didnt think maxtor made ssd drives but the other drive is 1.5tb
    and the sound and video cards are decent as well

    its a good motherboard as well
  4. Everything is connected with Sata, all the hard drives including, The computer case is called a silverstone raven 2, I can see into it, Yea He gave me the PC for free, He told me a little about it today, more in detail i should say, said the smaller hard drive is about 7 years old, he said he was still surprised it works, he brought it over with him in a suite case, it was the only thing he took from his computer in the USA when he moved to europe. It is used as a backup drive, saves all the important files and the 1.5TB drive is for data that can be lost if say the drive crashes, though he said that has never happened. The video card is 2gb but over clocked, said he's had it that way for the last 5 months or so. So I shouldn't be worried. Said that the PC case has sick air flow as long as i keep the fan filters clean. He also said the cpu is OverClocked, as is the MotherBoard itself?? said the little blue OC light on the back of the board means thats its on. Said that I shouldn't worry, and i quote "it's a sick little thing"

    I so far like it, He also gave me a xbox 360 controller for the PC, wired. And I basically sold my xbox the other day. Quality is a hell of a lot better, and so is the sound. All games run smooth and lagg free in the highest quality settings. :)
  5. the raven 2 is a top notch case--great cooling--i have one as well as a haf x--i like the plug in stuff at the top rather than the rear

    i use an xbox controller on my pc particularly for driving games as driving with a keyboard totally sucks

    i think you have just been given a very good early xmas present from a very generous friend

    other than the 120gb drive all the other stuff would have been top of the range when he got it--if you changed the 120gb for a 120gb ssd it would be even faster
  6. I do like how it looks, He had the three big fans on the bottom replaced with ones that glow blue.
    Funny enough he said this is the second times he has had to do this, he took his biggest hard drive and that's it. Said it's always cheaper to buy where he's going then to pay the costumes for the extra weight. Any ways, Im happy I have no a decent PC that i won't have to worry about for a couple of years. :)
  7. i would assume as he used top notch components he would also have used a top quality power supply as well

    heres a link to a review of your motherboard--again top notch stuff


    that pc will be good for quite a long while and is more than capable of taking an even faster graphics card in the future should it be necessary

    i expect hes overclocked the cpu to around the 4ghz mark--you can find out by downloading cpuz--just run some stuff while looking in case hes left the power saving features on as it will downclock if the cpu is idle

    running superpi to calculate 1m digits will give a good indication of speed--under 10 seconds is the indication of a very fast pc and anywhere close to 10 seconds is still very good

    cpuz and superpi are both free to download and use
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