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Am3 motherboard question

Today i got my hands on a new cpu phenom II X6 1045t
I am enjoying it the game im playing improved grately. But since i paid 120 for the cpu. and my mobo is am3 ddr2. I want to switch to ddr3 since is less expensive. So my question is what mobo supports my cpu but is compatible with ddr3
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  1. There are lot of motherboards(DDR3 Compatible) that would support your X6 1045t.
    Question is, how much are you willing to spend?

    Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
  2. Waste of money IMO. The difference in performance is inconsequential.
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    The performance may be but cost is not if he needs more memory, which is what he said, not that wanted to replace it for performance.

    DDR 2 is double the price. I'd . MUCH rather spend $60 on 8GB of DDR 3 (that can be used on other builds later)and put $100 in a board that gets me SATA 3, USB 3, better overclocking, future upgradeability, and a new board that doesn't have aging caps, than $120 on DDR 2 that will basically be trash next time he upgrades. totally worth the extra $40-50 JUST to not have $120 of worthless ram in a year or 2 never mind everything else.

    OP just make sure you get an AM3+ board. Also what is your current one? For some reason I thought all AM3 boards with DDR2 also had 2 DDR3 slots...
  4. Unksol
    Thank you for understanding and replying to my question these are my current specs
    these are my pc specs:

    win 7 ultimate
    amd phenom II X6 2.7ghz six cores
    4.25 ram ddr2
    nvidia gtx 550ti
    Asus M4A785-M
    500GB WD HDD 7500rpm
  5. Budget? do you want t overclock your CPU?
    The GA-970A-UD3 that I mentioned in my previous post, has a good power phase for OC.

    Asus M5A88-M
    Asus M5A97

    As for memory,
    GSkill Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz.

    CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz
  6. I can spend 100 to 180
  7. I can spend 100 to 180
  8. Does your case support ATX motherboards?
    If yes, then my recommendation would be the GA-970A-UD3.
    If your case only supports MicroATX, then Asus M5A88-M would be a good choice.
  9. I have a ThermalTake VN700M1W2N Overseer RX-I Full Tower Gaming Case - ATX, Micro-ATX
  10. the new amd phenom x6 1045t. it was fine until today. I got home from work and suddenly it started freezing.
    I disabled asus core unlocker, since i disabled 4 cores it wont freeze. i enable it and starts freezing. is it the motherboard or cpu that went bad?

    Updated bios and nothing still does it. i have to hard reset it and change back to 2 cores to be able to use it.

    any help plz
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