New Video Card, can't decide! :(

Hey all, new to the forums so sorry if this post isn't done properly. BUT, I currently have an ASUS with a Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8300 with 8200gb of RAM. I was looking to spend under or as close to 100$ as I can for a card that will run WoW efficiently, I am an avid raider in 25mans and I want to get the best FPS for my money.

Anyway, here are a list of the cards I was looking at on newegg:

well.. I thought there were more than that, but I guess not. Anyway, any advice is greatly appreciated! If you think another graphics card would be better that wasn't listed, please let me know! Thanks guys!
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  1. I would recommend a 5770. It is significantly more powerful than a 4670 and after rebate is under $100. I don't think you're going to get more power for under $130 or so.
  2. How well do you think it will play wow in a 25 man setting?
  3. tillis3 said:
    How well do you think it will play wow in a 25 man setting?

    lol, dont think the whole world has played wow...yet
  4. lol, i realized that after a few minutes... I don't know why I assumed everyone on here would know...
  5. greatest game of all time, imo, but not anymore
  6. The HD5770 is certainly a much better card. We need more info though like what resolution you will be using and the power supply in your system. Does the motherboard allow for overclocking by any chance?
    Here are some benchmarks for WoW with current cards;
    The HD4670 isn't included but it is slightly faster than the HD5570, by about 10% or so. Keep in mind those numbers are with a highly OCed i7. If i recall properly WoW doesn't really use more than 2 cores and with the low 2.5ghz base speed of your CPU it might be the limiting factor depending the settings/resolution. I believe large raids like you are talking about are particularly hard on the CPU which is why I ask about the overclocking possibility.
  7. I dont know much about overclocking, but I think mine is capable if i remember correctly.
    I run at 1920x1080 res on a 24in.
  8. i have a 550 power supply
  9. actually, its a 400W, i have a 550, I just haven't put it in
  10. There are plenty of guide's to overclocking Core 2 Duos online. Google for one targeted at beginners. The processor should be able to easily get up over 3.0ghz.
    For 1080p I would definitely spend the extra money for the HD5770.
  11. Which one? There are a ton on newegg. Idk the difference between them... sorry im such a fail -_____-
  12. Either of these would be good choices;
    The second in particular if you are interested in overclocking the card as well(its easy to do, a lot less complicated than the processor.)
    If you can afford it an HD5850 for $150 would be even more ideal for a high resolution like yours;
    It is about 50% faster than the HD5770 on average.
  13. for only like 20 bucks more too..
  14. Yeah, and HD5850 for $150 is one of the best deals in a long time. It was actually even $140 on newegg last week but its sold out and seems to be deactivated there so unlikely to come back in stock any time soon.
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