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Hey guys just wanted to ask some questions about my rig. I have a sager np8150 with the following specs:
CPU -i7 2630qm
GPU- ati 6970M

I am big into my games ( really wanting this to be able to play good on BF3). I have had some fighting with the managers at sager over some BS that should not have happen in my order process. To make a long story short that are going to upgrade my GPU to the 6990M (for free) because of the issues!! So my question is about the CPU. I am hearing that newer games are requiring more CPU then games in the past. i just dont want to miss out on any of the awesomeness by not upgrading my CPU also.

With all that said will the i7 2760qm upgrade make a difference? Will it give more performance in NEWER games over the i7 2630qm. ( i am fully aware that GPU matters more in games, but games are also alot different than old ones where CPU wasnt as helpful. So i dont need info on getting better GPU...a i am getting one for free. Not to mention its the best single GPU in mobile machines to date!! =)

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  1. there is no game on the market that sees a FPS drop due to any CPU over a i3 regardless of video card. you sir have a i7 and thus there is no way in hell your i7 is going to bottle neck that GPU.

    i would be more worried about proper cooling and QPI speeds being fast enough to transfer the data. assuming you are not getting a shitty MB in that laptop then you should be fine. its worth noting that a 6990m is closest to a 5850 desktop card.

    if you want to upgrade your CPU go for it but its certainly not needed by any means.
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