My new build for i5 2500k help me decide

Hi! I will be building a new rig hope you can help me decide on the parts

cpu:Intel Core i5 2500K
*this is ok medium usage of Virtual Machines and Editing only

Biostar TZ68A+
ASRock Z68 Pro3

ASRock Z68 Extreme4
Asus P8Z68-V Pro
Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3

Biostar TP67XE
ECS P67H2-A2

ASRock P67 Extreme4
Asus P8P67 Pro
Biostar TP67XE
Gigabyte P67A-UD4
ECS P67H2-A2

*now confused what to get from z68 or just the p67

ram:G.Skill RipJawsX 4gb dual
*decided because of price

hdd:WDC Caviar Black
*no 1tb yet here only 750gb anyway no problem here,
also found samsung spinpoint f3 1tb

*no problem here

vc:Inno3d GF 210 1gb/128bit ddr2
Inno3d GT 220 1gb/128bit ddr2
Inno3d GT 220 1gb/128bit ddr3
Inno3d GT 240 1gb/128bit ddr2
*if p67 only

Psu:500w upgraded later

Casing:Gigabyte (GZ-F2HAB) upgraded later

*does this build will be a good start?

then in a few months... i wish to have this


RAM: G.Skill RipJawsX 4gb dual
*another 4gb if needed, because of some adobe products and VMs

Graphics Card:Inno3d GTX 460 1gb/256bit ddr5
Inno3d GTX 560 Ti 1gb/256bit ddr5

Hard Drive: ssd
*boot drive only

*still choosing from full tower or mid tower products

Power Supply: corsair/seasonic
*750w, for overclocking but dont know if can handle sli/crossfire in the future

Cooling: Cooler Master (Hyper 212 plus)/noctua hd14/corsair hydro series
*stable 4.5 for everyday use but 5.0 will be nice

my main target here is overclocking for performance also if ever sli in the future just to experience it even though not really need it :D

thanks... hope can help me decide...
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  1. um well a z68 mobo may be where you want to go because it will work "better"(not sure if this is the right word) with a solid state drive. Um get the 8 gb of ram right away 2 four gb sticks are 70
    or if you don't want the x series they are 63
    look for combo deqals to save money. and I would avoid biostar I have heard bad thing about there mobo
  2. What's your budget? When do you plan to buy?
  3. I beg to differ with JS: the Z68 and P67 will work equally well with a SSD boot drive. The difference with the Z68 is that you can use the SSD as a caching drive for your HDD. This is not very useful, unless you have very specific applications. A boot drive will run much faster than a cached drive.

    There is little reason to pay for a Z68 over a P67 unless you wan to run Virtu and switch between the iGPU, and a discrete GPU. This is an advantage only if you are doing video encoding or transcoding. If you are going to get a discrete GPU with your initial build, I'd recommend the P67 platform. Quicksync and Virtu are not worth the extra cost.

    Of the P67s I can recommens the ASRock as it is the little brother of my mobo and it has run flawlessly. But I see that the ECS has a lot of features and is at a better price. I also like the Biostar, but it has fewer features. ASUS and Gigabyte are good OEMs, but their offerings are a bit pricy compared to the others.

    Of the Z68s the ASRock Pro3 can't SLI/Xfire, so I'd leave it out. The Biostar and Gigabyte are cheaper builds with fewer ports. They are both solid choices, but it depends on what you want to buy. The ASRock Extreme 4 and ASUS Pro are about equal in features, with the ASRock as t $30 price break.

    Any of the mobos will do, but of all of the options I'd recommend the P67 Extreme4.

    I'd recommend that you buy the final case and PSU at the onset, rather than build an inferior rig now and upgrade later. You will save in the long run.

    The RAM is fine, but you limit yourself if you are buying 2GB chips. I'd recommend buying 4GB chips (one now and one later if you need tp space out purchases).

    You should post a budget, and when you plan to buy.
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