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I have an Asus M4A89GTD Pro running Windows 7 64-bit with two monitors, one hooked to the onboard VGA and the other to the onboard DVI. I wanted to add a third monitor so I plugged in an extra ATI Radeon X1300 I had lying around.

The system now boots up on the third monitor, but neither I, the BIOS, or Windows 7 seems to think the onboard displays are there anymore. I see nothing on the displays and the don't show up in the control panel app for setting screen order.

ANy ideas what I am doing wrong? Is this something that should work, i.e. three monitors, two on onboard ports and another on an additional card?

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  1. There's no option in the BIOS to have the onboard VGA supersede the card? That should always be there.
  2. I don't want the onboard VGA to supersede the the card. I want it tow work simulatenously, so I can run three monitors. Is this possible with my motherboard.
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