Can I Upgrade My processor on my hp pavillion dv6-6135dx?

I recently purchased an HP pavilion dv6-6135dx and I was told by the Best Buy clerk that it had a 2.6ghz processor, quad core. After running a dxdiag i discovered i have an AMD A8 3500m 1.5ghz. This is very saddening and I cannot run any games with this processor. Is there any way to upgrade it?
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  1. according to the tech specs that is a quad core... teh a83500m is the highest level of CPU's AMD has for laptops for that socket. it is programed to down clock to 1.5Ghz to save power but it is a 2.6Ghz quad core.

    according to tech specs you also have a 6750 video card... that should run lots of game. what kinds of issues are you having?
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