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Im using a AMD PHENOM(tm)2x4 955 processor 3.20ghz on a 32bit system, im not sure wheather it is a real copy of windows 7 though as i bought this second hand with no OS Disc, i have 8Gb of ram and for some reason it says 8gb ram (3.25gb) useable. I just spent a bit to get a new 4 gig ram and a vid card and i was wondering how do i get the ram to be 8gb? it's frustrating as i dont know a great deal about computers so if someone can step by step me through this to fix it i would be grateful. Thanx in advance :)
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  1. you have to enable memory remap in bios
  2. I am afraid you will need to run a 64bit version of Windows to be able to utilise more than 4GB of memory:(
  3. don't buy windows secondhand, and yes you need 64 bit
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