Upgrading my onboard graphics budget - $80


USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming at 1280x1024 with mid - high details...have not planned to play specific games...

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: intel 82945G 256 mb (onboard graphics) , 450W power supply

specs labelled on the PSU-
AC input : 220 VAC 3A 50Hz

+5v 28A -5V 0.6A
+12v 15A +12v 0.6A
+3.3v 16A +5VSB 2A

ATX 2.03

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Intel Core2Duo E4500 @ 2.2 GHz , Mercury PI945GCM (MoBo) , 2 GB RAM @ 667 Mhz, 160 GB HDD ( RAM and HDD are of some local brand )

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: none. going to buy from a local dealer




My budget is $80. should run on my PC and should run silent and cool.
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  1. u cant go wrong with a Radeon HD5670 at 80$ price point.


    If u can spend more go with a 5750 or a 5770.
  2. Will they be more powerful than HD4850 or 9800GT?
  3. The 4850 is a faster card. But u probably wont find one at ur price point.

    The 9800GT should perform about on par with 5670.

    Both the cards do not support DX11 if that matters to u.

    a 5770 though should be better than any of these cards.

    check out the hierarchy chart at the end of this article.

  4. HD 5770 is for $80?
  5. parimalthecool said:
    HD 5770 is for $80?

    No. The 5670 is 80$

    the 5770 costs about 110 - 120$
    The 5770 needs a 6pin power connector.
  6. oh ok.. dx11 , and all dont matter to me,

    just want the biggest bang for 80 bucks
  7. go with the 5670. I 'm sure u 'll be happy at ur resolutions.

    this xfx model with GDDR5 memory comes for 70$ after mail in rebate.
    also comes with lifetime warranty.

  8. but i am an indian.. and i think newegg, amazon, etc dont deliver here...

    and are you sure that it will run fine on my mobo, without power and bottlenecking issues, and will let me play titan quest on max setting??

    and which are the best games i will be able to play, btw?
  9. checkout the prices at ur local stores then.
  10. okay


    going for a 5670 :)
  11. Hiya,

    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but judging from the Amps on the 12v rail i doubt your current system would manage with say even a 5670.

    that 15A on your 12v rail is roughly 180watts. You should know that the ''main'' parts of your pc rely on the 12v rail, (gpu, cpu).

    the 5670 alone is about 60-70 watts i believe, which leaves you with 110. Then taking into consideration that the cpu is also roughly the same in terms of wattage, means you have a total of at least 140 watt on load. That's not a number i'd feel happy with running on a psu that's rated 15amps on its 12v rail

    In short, to do a gpu upgrade the current psu needs to go, i'd recommend an antec earth-watt 380, they are relatively cheap and are great for mid-tier systems.

  12. thanks for the reply,

    what is a good 'A' on the 12v rail?
    is there anything else to consider while buying a PSU?
  13. well there are a lot of things u need to consider but to keep it simple just get a PSU from one of the top manufacturers Seasonic, Corsair, Antec. dont get a cheap no name PSU.
    For ur setup u should be good with
    Seasonic S12II 380w
    Antec Earth watts 380w
    corsair cx 400w
  14. +1,

    Brands from both the names i and gametstr mentioned are good to go in terms of quality.
  15. okay.
    thanks a lot guys :)
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