Antique AMD CPU's of a bygone era showing up at newegg

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  1. wtf. I guess they found some stock lying around in a box somewhere and thought they could get rid of it.
  2. Not a bad upgrade for some older systems, I recently put together an old X2 5000BE machine and it handled everything I used the computer for just fine. Worth noting this machine did no gaming, and software like 3ds max/photoshop I run on my Phenom II rig, however those old Athlon X2s are still decent.
  3. I just upgraded from by brisbane core, not bad. If I could have picked up a 5000+be I'd have probably gone that route instead.
  4. Was looking for a Socket 939 upgrade from a 3400 . No luck.
  5. cool AMD have a processor named after my City. Pretty funny that they are selling these though. Must of found an old box like someone said above. Would of been like finding a time capsule.
  6. maybe newegg's getting tired of inventorying them year after year. Or sales are so bad they'll try anything.

    I gotta say that my 939's are still humming along. the only processors i ever had fail are intel.
  7. My 939 is humming alang as well, Swifty.
    The 3400 is singing "Old Man River"
    Let's go t EBAY and make a million $$$ on our legacy stuff.
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