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My System is having Power Problems and I don't know what the cause is.

I just bought a new Tt PSU like 2 months ago and a few days ago my PC keeps on shutting down after a few hours of it running.

Right now, when I Press the Power button of the PC, It gives power BUT only for a second and then shuts down. If I press the button again then the PC won't start at all. I need to remove the cable of the PSU and replug it for the PC to give power but still giving that 1 Second Power.

I searched for a similar problem on the net. Some people said its a PSU Problem, Some says bad RAM, Some says a CMOS Battery dead. Not sure what the real problem is. I don't think its the PSU since my PSU is just new but it could be possible. I tried to run the PC without RAM but still gives the problem. I reset CMOS and bought a new Battery but still gives that problem.

I don't know any components that could cause this but I hope you guys know any solution to this problem. :)
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  1. Also check your power strip, the fuse may be going. Short the green wire and black wire on the psu 24pin (or 20pin) like this.
    That will tell you for sure if your PSU has issues or not.
  2. I have had this happen and it was caused by a bad cpu. thats where my money is. bad power coming into the comp can causes PSU's to fail rather quickly. I would find a spare PSU and try it just to test for issues.

    other causes for this is your power button on your comp being of the wrong resistance (ohms) try unpluging the power button from the MB and use a key or screw driver to short the 2 pins for power, that will make it start up.
  3. @ GreenPenguin,

    I know this would be harder but can I plug my PSU on another Computer and see if that computer runs?

    I might also try what ncc said.

    Any more suggestions? :)
  4. Ok well I was able to plug in the PSU in another Computer and the Computer did not boot to. So it means that it is a PSU problem. Im going to try and take it back to the store I bought it and ask for the warranty.

    If not then do you guys suggest the best PSU for Mainstream? I always hear good feedbacks from Corsair PSUs. I was actually getting a PSU from them but end up getting a Thermaltake. Please state the Model Number. Maybe 600W or higher since I plan on getting a better GPU.

    Thanks! :)
  5. I dont care for corsair or thermaltake products, only cases. Antec are very stable, i myself use roswill and have never had an issue however they do rank a bit lower than antecs in reviews
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