Monitor shut down and computer freezes.

Hey, I'm in a hurry typing this message, I'm gonna tell you the specific problems I have.
2-3 months ago my computer started freezing, coudn't move mouse or anything on the screen, so I have to manually shut it off, after the restart it would work good.
but about one month ago, my screen would go black, and my sound would fail aswell, [electronic sound] goes on, I always check the GPU temperature, it was reaching 80-100 degrees, but I opened the case and cleaned the dust [alot of it].
Then the temperature was laying at maximum 70, starting at 40+ degrees.
At first it was only crashing when I was playing League of legends, 3D game and high demanding, I have played it for almost a year without problems, and this problem started when the summer did, not sure why.
My processor temperatures is good I think, about 40-50 degrees.
Same with the rest of the computer, a bit less though.
My graphics card is ATI radeon HD 4600, it has been working for 2 years with no problem, the temperature is at 70+ when the computer screen goes black, [turned off].

Please help me, I can post more details if you ask me to, I'm in a hurry before the screen goes black.. sincerely danny
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  1. 100 F or 100 C? 100C is hot for a graphics card so it could be that. But it could also be something else to. Did you blow out your PSU? Thats something I noticed a lot of people miss when they are cleaning out there pc's. Did you try pulling your cards out and cleaning it and then reseating your cards? Sound problem is wierd though. Could be many things, could be ram, m.b., psu, gpu, ect. Gonna probably just have to go through step by step and trouble shoot everything.

    Do you have access to another computer?
    What are your specs?
    What have you done to troubleshoot the problem?
    Any other problems you noticed? Sluggish performance, freezing, blue screens, artifacts in games?
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