Planning for a slight graphics upgrade

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to upgrade my graphics card by the end of the year to accommodate the changes to the games that I play. My current setup is :

700W PSU from OCZ
i7 950
ASUS x58 Sabertooth

Games that I currently play are Counter Strike: Source, Star Craft 2. Games that I will be playing in the future (at least planning on playing) are Crysis (just got it off Steam) and Diablo 3 (when it comes out). Right now, my graphics card can handle 90% of what I throw at it. Since I plan on starting Crysis, I want to be able to play it at (or close to) max settings.

This upgrade is something I plan on doing within this year, so there is no hurry. I just checked on Newegg, and it appears that my graphics card is no longer listed there. I see it on Amazon, but their prices are rather ungodly for this kind of tech (at least of what I've seen).

Budget: $200-$300
I don't mind spending a little more, as money is not really a big issue. Of course, I don't want to spend more than I need to. If I like it, and its within the above range (somewhat), it should be considered.

I was originally going to ask to see if I should SLI or invest in a new card, but seeing as how Newegg has stopped selling my card, I don't know how feasible that option is. Nonetheless, what do you guys think?

I don't have a preference of card companies. Also, I planning on having 2 screens.

tl:dr, I would like to upgrade from GTX460 768mb graphics card, need suggestions on whether to SLI or invest in new card.
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  1. I don´t like the idea of SLI, since you may have trouble with some games.
    I would go for an ATI 6950.
  2. Dominaz1 said:
    I don´t like the idea of SLI, since you may have trouble with some games.
    I would go for an ATI 6950.

    I guess I forgot to mention that I will be playing at 1920x1080 resolution. When you said you don't like SLI, does that also include crossfire as well?
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