Help diagnose the problem?!? NO BEEPS NO POST!!!

OK, I have been struggling with this for weeks now, and have broken down and am asking for help. I am A+ Network+ certified, and have been doing computers for over 15 years. So I kind of know my stuff ;)

Anyways, this is the issue: I have two motherboards, two processors, two power supplies (that I have multimeter verified), two sticks of ram, two chassis (but am testing on a piece of wooden bench) and two video cards. I have tried with all of it assembled, and in various stages of disassembly. I have removed parts in the following order: VGA Card, RAM, processor, and still the same issue. I have swapped all combination of parts. I have ensured that the chassis speaker is plugged in every time.

Now this is what happens, the only commonality here: The machine powers on all the fans, but will not post, beep, or anything. Also, I have another mobo with a different generation of hardware, and it too will not beep or post. This leads me to believe that I am either not testing the PSU properly (admittedly I am rusty with the multimeter), and they are both dead, or I have two defective components of the same type... Everything is seated properly, and checked 10 times by now. I am stumped. Anyone think of anything I missed?

EDIT: ALl of these parts are used, AM2 boards, ddr2 ram, and psu's are all a few years old... PSU's report 12v, 5v and 3.3v w/o any loads though...
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  1. I would do PSU first as you can return them easily enough. Possible virus contact with these motherboards - did they contact the same drive or network? Does one of them have video on board and have you tried?

    You are more experienced then me.... I am having my own non post situation and have just changed the power supply and still no go. Mine is an AM2 plus board. I am going to try a x6 new processor as it is an upgrade if it doesn't work anyway. Sheesh computers... enough to drive you to drink! Can you look at my thread? I do know that my computer would not boot a couple of times and it has been overclocked. CPU or board next for me. Hope I helped in some tiny tiny way.
  2. It i not a virus, it doesn't post...

    Anyone have any ideas?
  3. either the motherboard or the CPU (or the CPU not being powered.) in my experience.
  4. I ordered about 700.00 worth of hardware, including a modern power supply (80plus gold). I will verify the problem with these parts, and I haven't bought new hardware in about 5 years, so cha ching **UPGRADE TIME**** :D

    I tested the motherboard main power connectors, but couldn't get it to draw under load (because it won't even beep). I didn't properly test the cpu power connector though, so will add that to my troubleshooting steps. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  5. You can ponder my thread as well....New Antec HCG-900 PSU......lights but no action?
    Like your I have been building computers since the early '90's. Unlike you I have zero certifications. On mine I have completely remove all connections and reset all components without a beep in pun intended, well then again. All fans, lights, etc. appear to be working fine, yet no post or beep.
    I'm to the point of replacing the motherboard.
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