Can my PSU run HD 4850?


i checked my PC power consumption on this site-

according to it, my PC needs about 205W

according to, the 4850 needs about 225W

heres my PSU- (supercomp 450W)

AC input : 220 VAC 3A 50Hz

+5v 28A -5V 0.6A
+12v 15A +12v 0.6A
+3.3v 16A +5VSB 2A

ATX 2.03

will this handle an HD 4850?
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  1. That thing is nut's.
    Try the more popular calculator
  2. If those numbers are correct and the +12v rail has only 15 amps then it can barely run your system much less an HD4850.
  3. there, it shows only about 300W :S

    my PC specs -
    Intel Core2Duo E4500 @ 2.2 GHz ,
    Mercury PI945GCM (MoBo) ,
    2 GB DDR2 RAM @ 667 Mhz,
    160 GB HDD ( RAM and HDD are of some local brand )
  4. @ jyjjy, u mean it is too weak?

    can it cause BSODs?? i am getting it thesedays while gaming :(
  5. Yeah, low/insufficient power can cause lockups and glitches. I would replace that thing and it's definitely necessary if you want to add a video card.
    This is a nice deal and a good unit that should power almost any card you want to add;
  6. thats a bit overbudget for me

    can u suggest good PSU brands? i will pick one off a local store.
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