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Unsupported e5800 CPU damaged motherboard

Biostar G31M+ socket 775 motherboard DDR2

i got a e5800 and wanted to upgrade. I looked at the cpu support list and they had up to the e5700 but not the e5800 which i thought was dumb so I was dumb and went ahead and tried to use it. Well the case is a tiny HP case and it was hard to work in, so while I was trying to remove the cpu cooler, my screw driver slipped off slamming the mobo. This has happened to me hundreds of times in the 6 years ive been working with computers so i thought nothing of it. I continued and remove the e5300 and I put the e5800. When i turned it on i got no video. The fans came on and thats it. So i but the e5300 back in and i still got no video, ive tried millions of attempts. The keyboard lights up, the fans light up but thats it. Is my motherboard, cpu, ram dead? I have no case speaker attached so i cant really tell.

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  1. Did you inspect the motherboard to see what damage was done to it?
  2. i did, there was a tiny scratch and i doubt it makes a difference. It seems like the system even boots up but with no video, i tried using a GT 440 but still no video. So idk what to do. I hate RMA's and i can buy a $26 mobo thats compatibly but what if the cpu or ram is damaged and the mobo is fine. ughh
  3. You know that it boots up because there's quite a bit of disk activity for a few minutes?
  4. well the keyboard lights up and the hdd makes diff noises as if it was starting up, should i hook up headphones and wait a couple minutes to hear if windows 7 starts up?
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    Honestly I doubt that it really boots up. If everything is properly inserted or connected, then the motherboard probably has been damaged. Start with this troubleshooting procedure:
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