TIme for a new cooler?

My stock cooler was hitting temps of 80C after I installed a new system. I replaced the thermal paste with some Arctic Silver 5 (just a single line running along the top of my i5). It's been over a week, but my temps still get up to 80C running prime95. What gives? Shouldn't they decrease somewhat? Is it time for a new cooler? Stock coolers shouldn't hit those temps. >_<
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  1. did you clean off the factory thermal paste pretty well? everything tight and secure?
    It takes a few hours for the AS5 to properly settle, but it still sounds way high 80C.

    I use a Cooler master 212 EVO and AS5, run prime95 for hours, temp never went above 65C on my i5(stock clock rates). that's with my room temp ranging from 77F to 84F. (warm room, I know but I had make sure the cooler was worth it)
  2. Yeah, I cleaned the old stuff and made sure the fan was seated tight. Accidentally left Prime95 on and temps hit 90C!!!
    Bah. I deliberately bought a non k i5 so I wouldn't have to fork out for a cooler. Irony.
  3. what do u use to monitor your temps? cause that sounds out of whack, even for a stock heatsink.
  4. I'm running core temp.
    There's sometimes a disparity between core temp and other programs like EasyTune 6, which can be 10C lower, but I figure that's because it's not measuring the cores, but the CPU whole.
  5. I'm guessing u have a gigabyte mobo, easy tune sucks, try CPUID HWMonitor, u can d/l from their website, see what reslts you get, it will also display the temp of each core, GPU, HDD etc..
  6. Still getting high 70's to 80's on HWMonitor. I'll buy a Coolermaster 212 tomorrow.
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    make sure you apply arctic silver properly, about pea sized amount in the center of the surface of your cpu (no lines), the pressure of the heat sink will spread the paste without trapping air bubbles in the paste. There are a few videos on youtube of how to apply it ( if you don't know what I'm talking about)
    Edit: You can use 91% Alcohol from your local drug or grocery store to clean the surface of your cpu, before you apply paste to it.
  8. This is what I use to apply the thermal compound:

    I like G'byte motherboards, but Admir00 is right. Easytune sucks.
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